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2022 m. kovo 10 d.

Consortium agreement with Radar Based Avionics BV and Abionica Solutions S.L.P.

Adscensus signs consortium agreement with Radar Based Avionics BV (The Netherlands) and Abionica Solutions S.L.P (Spain). Consortium's main goal is to develop a heavy-lift air cargo vehicle - AIRLIFT- aimed at sustainable urban logistics. The AIRLIFT solution exploits the immense growth of parcel deliveries (48%, 2021), which enforces the logistics industry to invest in a more profitable out-of-home delivery model. In this context, AIRLIFT comes as a pragmatic middle-mile cargo delivery solution. It leverages disruptive technologies, exploits the most rapidly growing business, and realizes the EU's climate neutrality vision by also sustaining the EU’s economic growth.

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