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keeping a low profile

Our team is currently operating under the radar, fine-tuning our solution and preparing for its upcoming debut.

5 years of R&D

Adscensus, founded in 2019, is an international startup developing advanced propulsion which empowers urban aerial logistics, airborne search & rescue, tactical airlift, and medevac missions.


We maintain 3 laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art hardware - the aeronautical research lab, the electronics and mechatronics lab, and the sustainable material lab.


Our R&D competencies stretch over aeronautics, aerospace, and material sciences, including a vast academic partner network of over 50 universities and research organisations.


We employ world-class talent who previously worked for five F-500 companies, with a total project portfolio exceeding €350m.

strategic partners


2021 m. gruodžio 23 d.

Adscensus becomes a beneficiary of JIDEP consortium


2022 m. kovo 10 d.

Consortium agreement with Radar Based Avionics BV and Abionica Solutions S.L.P.


2023 m. balandžio 2 d.

Adscensus becomes a beneficiary of TESTUDO consortium

Radar Based Avionics BV

Radar Based Avionics gives electronic sight to UAVs and small aircraft, that reach far beyond eyesight by offering sense & avoid sensors through active and passive radar.

Abionica Solutions S.L.P

Abionica provides support for the design, development, and integration of Flight Control Systems to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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